About the Founder

The StoreHouse Foods brand was created to offer hope and solutions.

The Woman Behind StoreHouse Foods

I started StoreHouse Foods as a labor of Love inspired by the tragic loss of a friend’s daughter.

My hope was that she would have served as an unbiased test marketer; sadly, she never had the opportunity to test the products. I personally know, although she never tasted our products, she has been guiding and inspiring me to stay on task and never quit, even when faced with tremendous adversity and challenges.

She endured many challenges of staying on a gluten free diet. I understood then and I understand now, it is simply difficult.

Our single mission is to offer accessible meal choices, for On-the-Go or Enjoy-at-Home solutions. Convenience is the key, safe manufacturing processes is our focus and delicious is a fact. Our meals are satisfying and will keep you and your tummy happy.